For people wanting to earn more money and to improve their life style

3 easy steps

The real estate market is in growth mode ever since the mid nineties. What are the reasons? A robust economy, higher family income, lower interest/mortgage  rates, ever increasing inflow of landed Immigrants and so on. A career in real estate, is therefore, a very attractive career choice for most people who want to increase their income and improve their life style. It is about providing homes to  families, security for investors, opportunities for entrepreneurs. The ever changing market holds the promise of lucrative income and personal success for those with the drive to succeed.

Step 1
Make up your mind. ONLY YOU are responsible for the present state in your life. When you decide to become a Realtor, you must commit time.

Step 2
Come and see us. We will guide you to become a real estate agent. CENTURY 21 is the No. 1 real estate brand in the world. 

Step 3
Come and join us. We have a comprehensive training program and CENTURY 21 System to ensure your success in the market place.

What it takes to be a successful real estate agent?


  • Ability and willingness to interact with people.
  • Good communication skills
  • Positive attitude. Never-say-die spirit
  • Customer orientation
  • Self discipline and motivation
  • Self confidence and persistence
  • Good organization and planning skills


We at CENTURY 21 people's Choice Realty Inc. are committed to helping individuals who want to make a difference to their lives. You will get all the guidance and advice. We will also consider financial help to deserving individuals. Come and talk to us.

For Sales Agents and experienced Realtors

Are you having problems attracting clients? Are you having difficulty in closing  sales? Are you regularly losing sales to competitor Agents? You need help. We offer a very robust and easy to use CENTURY 21 System. Come and talk to us and see the success stories.  

Most of you have realized that your success and earning potential depends on spending more time in the field with the clients. You need an efficient secretarial service, a strong back-up system and incentive plans.

We offer


  • A very attractive Commission split.
  • Fully furnished specious office
  • Individual Computer in each Office
  • Efficient Secretarial services
  • Professional and friendly environment
  • Structured training and advise to help you increase your sales.
  • A subsidized website
  • Access to Realty industry's most effective CENTURY 21 System.
  • High-tech equipment and Facilities